a seed-to-cup journey worth knowing.

a seed-to-cup journey worth knowing.

Welcome to idioma Coffee Roastery - we are glad you are here! As we work to rollout a regular monthly newsletter to you, we felt it made some sense to get back to the basics. It’s good for us to be reminded the reasons behind why we work so hard to source and roast the best coffee we can find! 


So, let’s start with a question - do you know where your coffee comes from? Seems like a simple question but, as with many things, the more you start digging into the answer, the more complex it becomes. Hello, rabbit hole! But don’t worry…we aren’t looking to drop a long rabbit-hole search into your inbox. On the contrary, we are here to make this easy for you, so you can confidently answer that question and understand the process, and story behind the coffee you get from idioma.


Here we go! From the beginning of the process, we work directly with small farmers in Latin America and Africa to source the highest quality beans we can find, harvested by hand to make sure that quality is never compromised. That means understand the growing practices, harvesting practices, health practices and more. Annual visits to farms allow us to confidently share the clean process and passion behind growing your coffee beans.


Speaking of the farmers - wow, do they have a tough job! Farming is hard work no matter where you live. Coupled with hot and humid climates and very little machine assistance, it’s even tougher. We enjoy specialty coffee because of the farmers that work extremely hard to support their families. We love playing a part in recognizing and bringing attention to them as they keep the quality of the coffee high. What a privilege we have to play a small part in a supporting the coffee farmers and their communities!


So, now that we have sourced and found the best beans and growing practices we can, let’s move back state-side. With a paralleled passion to the growing, we roast to the highest of standards, incorporating an analysis of underlying notes. Roasting is where art meets science - it's a craft. Our head roaster, Obed, has perfected the roasting process to bring out the unique flavor profiles each specific coffee bean has to offer. You won’t find added or artificial “flavors” in our coffee. Our opinion? This is why we believe our coffee is the best - perfecting the roasting process is the art of enhancing and bringing out the natural flavors in the beans.


Well, that’s a cliff-note version of the seed-to-cup journey. We will certainly share more as time goes on about our trips to coffee farms, and much more. If you don’t follow us on social media, we would love to meet you there (find the handy icons at the bottom of this email). What do we share there? Glad you asked! You’ll find bite-sized pieces of our newsletters, behind-the-scenes peaks, event announcements and snippets from the life journey we are on. Most of all, we hope you find it a place of learning, community and encouragement. Feel free to join in the fun and tag us as you enjoy your idioma coffee throughout the month!


Thank you for supporting our roastery, and each person that plays a role in the seed-to-cup journey. We work hard to provide you the highest quality coffee possible and know you'll love our coffee just as much as we do!


Bottoms up!

the idioma team

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