March Happenings + Coffee Club Bean!

March Happenings + Coffee Club Bean!

It's almost spring, friends! If you live near the Roastery in MN, you know our winter has been very uncharacteristic. Either way, we are welcoming spring with open arms.

February was a great month at the Roastery. Every Saturday the Roastery was filled with people enjoying and learning about coffee. We loved sharing our story, and giving you space to ask questions. Although our choices and coffee quality are second-nature to us, we know that our unique model of tasting and education is one to experience. February was definitely a month filled with moments of gratitude for our new space where you can do exactly that - experience Idioma!

Remember our chat about the 100-point coffee scale in last month's newsletter? You'll hear us share this scale and how it impacts your coffee often. It's important for many reasons.  

One of the great characteristics of specialty coffee, and why it gets high scores, is due to the peak harvest where the coffee cherries are picked.

Think about it this way: You have a strawberry plant. You pick a green berry and allow it to ripen on your counter. Or, you allow a berry to ripen on the plant and in the sunshine. The flavor between those two berries? Dramatically different. Obviously, the plant-ripened berry takes the cake.

The same is true with coffee cherries. Machine harvest in haste, and you significantly shortcut the flavor. Harvest at its peak and by hand? Flavor explosion, the way it’s always meant to be.

It’s coffee harvest season in many areas of the world right now. Here’s to awaiting the explosion of flavors we will later enjoy due to the slow and patient farming processes we align with.
Coffee beans in the bag
Hello, global experience with a local impact! We officially launched our coffee club in February.

What exactly is this "coffee club"? So glad you asked. :)

Basically, we are taking you around the globe by way of your coffee cup. Each month, we will have a featured coffee club bean. That means 12 months and 12 different beans/regions. If you've poked around our website at all, you know we don't stock 12 beans. Which means, there will be exclusive beans as part of this club. In fact, we are currently testing and testing and testing our April bean to make sure our roast and all brewing methods are on-point. Any guesses as to which country this extra-sweet bean comes from?

While the coffee club will be fun + educational, our commitment to quality and the freshest roasted coffee we can deliver will not change. The highly-graded + expertly roasted beans you’ve come to expect will continue to arrive on auto-pilot! Talk about a win!
March's Featured Bean is from Kenya! With flavors of Cola, Caramel, and Cherry, this bean is a crowd-favorite. Watch for more region-specific information in your subscription box, and on our social feeds throughout the month. Also, find a tasting card in your subscription box to better experience your bean of the month.

Learn more about our coffee club.
Kenya. Hand-harvesting and hand-sorting through the coffee cherries to make sure the only thing left is perfectly ripe coffee cherries ready for processing and drying under the sun.

The Kenya beans will be shipped as part of all subscriptions this month. It will also be the featured coffee for tasting at the Roastery. Step up your coffee experience even more with a charcuterie snacking board - bring a friend or two!
The Roastery will be open every Saturday. 9am to 12pm. Coffee tasting flights, food, home brewing demos, and many more things to be added to this schedule.
Thank you for your loyalty to Idioma and to the relationships + community, both locally and globally, you help to build. We appreciate you!
with gratitude,
the idioma team

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