we are off to costa rica!

we are off to costa rica!

March was such fun as we tasted and shipped out plenty of our Kenya beans! We enjoyed some food at the Roastery (pictures below). It almost always a given when you hang out with our team you'll get food - it's part of our overall mission to utilize food in building relationships + community. March was a great time doing just that - connecting with our customers and building our communities!

We talk about this often, but our sourcing is very meticulous. And for good reason. We believe knowledge is power and we know that decisions within the coffee industry not only effect you, but countless others involved in the process. Our friends at Matt Addington Creative perfectly captured the WHY behind our sourcing and the impact we can be part of - thank you for sharing your story with us!!

Watch their Kenyan Impact Story HERE.

Do you have an impact story from Central America, South America or Africa? We would be over-the-moon to partner with you, share that story and work to give back to the specific country even more. Reach out anytime!

Other March Highlights:

  • Community Expo: We attended a local community expo and ran a coffee tasting experience class. It was a blast and we enjoyed sharing our story, coffee, and our orange scones!
  • Roastery Pop-Up: We hosted our first pop-up at the roastery and are excited to continue sharing our space with other local businesses and artists!
  • Private Tasting Class: A customer booked a second private tasting class for her functional medicine patients! These classes include coffee tasting, education, health impact, and some food to put a bow on this experience! It's a great option for a small gathering, team-building experience and more.

Since we launched our coffee club in February, we've featured beans from Nicaragua, Kenya, and now Costa Rica! In fact, for the very first time, we've specifically brought in beans just for the coffee club (that's YOU)!

This month's Costa Rica beans are extra sweet due to the yellow-honey processing. What is honey processing? During honey processing, the flesh of the coffee cherry is left in-tact for a specific time period. It requires a lot of extra attention to make sure the sweetness is added but not at the expense of mold or unwanted characteristics. When done right....it's DELICIOUS!

We've roasted, tested, brewed, rinsed, repeated and are happy with how this bean has turned out! If you want to give these coffee-club exclusive beans a try, you are going to have to join our coffee club! It's hard to establish that exclusivity but we've been saying our coffee-club subscription comes with perks - so, here we go making true that promise!

Jump into this amazing club will get you an ongoing experience around the globe (while in your own home). Each month, we will pick a different country/region, meaning you'll experience 12 different beans from around the globe in a year! While we may have some fun changing out the beans, know that our commitments to the highest-quality and most freshly-roasted beans we can possibly deliver will not change. The ongoing coffee-club subscription simply puts your coffee club experience on auto-pilot!

Learn more + sign-up for our coffee club here.

Costa Rica. Those perfectly drying beans, laying out in the sunshine to get that extra-sweet finish from the honey-processing!

These exclusive beans are available this month as part of our coffee-club. We will also be tasting all month long at the Roastery. So, here's your sign - grab a friend and stop in on any Saturday.

Thank you for your loyalty to Idioma and to the relationships + community, both locally and globally, you help to build. We appreciate you!

with gratitude,
the idioma team

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