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Idioma Coffee Roastery

COSTA RICA Don Claudio

COSTA RICA Don Claudio

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Costa Rica Don Claudio - This Coffee comes from small communities, villages and even single, isolated farms know as Coopagri.  Today, Coopeagri continues to focus on the wellbeing of members and their farming communities. They spearhead projects that range from building medical offices where members can access medical care to growing an already extensive agronomy support and outreach program.  The cooperative produces organic fertilizer that members can access to help them maintain ecologically healthy farms. They also run a local café that showcases the coffees their members produce. 

Elevation: 1400m to 1900m
Fragrance:  Sweet, fruity, cacao.
Aroma : Floral, browned sugar, fruit.
Flavor: Toffee, praline, lemon.
Acidity:  Medium acidity with tea-like body. 
Finish: Very clean finish. 


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